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Sponsor a Student Nurse - Contribute to the Nurse Perpetual Education Fund

Nurses are in short supply in Africa. Training at nursing schools is relatively inexpensive by Developed Nation standards. There is a new nursing school (2010) in Berega, Tanzania called the School of Nursing at Berega (SONAB.) Current enrollment is 17 nurses in their first year. The course is a three year program leading to what we, in the USA, would call an RN.

We consider sponsorship to be a loan. It is payable when the nurse graduates from future income. If the nurse is employed, repayment is expected. If the nurse does not graduate, for whatever reason, we consider the loan may be a loss, and may not look to the student as a lifetime debtor, but rather, forgive the loan. The vast majority of nurses will graduate.

If a nurse is unemployed in the future, payments are suspended until employment is obtained. We then expect loan repayment to begin. Once the loan is repaid, it is returned into the Nurse Education Perpetual Fund, and reloaned to another nurse.

A high school educated woman can likely only earn $2.00 per day, if she can find employment. An RN starts at $16.00 per day, and there are jobs available. Imagine what becoming an RN can do for her and her family!

You can sponsor a nurse (in perpetuity) by contributing all or part the the money required for full sponsorship for a year or more. If you sponsor all or part of a nurse education you may elect to recieve a quarterly update on your nurse's progress. Just give us your e-mail address.

Nursing school lasts 3 years. Choose from the following:

1 yr tuition only sponsorship: $ 750 USD

1 yr tuition with room and board: $ 950 USD

3 yr tuition only sponsorship: $ 2250 USD

3 yr tuition with room and board: $ 2850 USD

Partial sponsorship: $_____ USD

If you choose to sponsor, and if you desire, you can be placed on a sponsored nurse e-mail list, and you will receive a quarterly e-mail from the sponsored student, so that she can let you know her progress, and let you know of great benefit of your sponsorship.

We suggest you gather a group of co-workers, friends or family and each make contributions to sponsor at least one student for one year. Print this page to give to others to explain what the project is. Print the worksheet. List the donors, the e-mail address, and note if the donor wishes to receive a quarterly update from the sponsored person. Send a check and the form to Hands4Africa Inc, 13046 Racetrack Rd, Suite 242, Tampa FL 33626 or you can sponsor online through PayPal or using a debit or credit card. Mail us the worksheet if you want to be included on your student nurse's quarterly report e-mail list or scan and email the list to our e-mail address on the contact us page.

Sponsor a ChildSponsor a Student NurseSponsor a FarmerSponsor a SoapmakerSponsor Sanitation WorkerSponsor a ComposterSponsor an Ambulance DriverSponsor a BrickmakerSponsor a MicrofinancierSponsor Internet Access