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Our mission statement provides that we find ways to make our projects become permanent, sustainable solutions. We believe that, while we help people, we need to constantly find ways for the people to help themselves. The ultimate goal of our help is for that help to become unnecessary.

In rural undeveloped areas, the prime ingredient for sustainability is missing. The ingredient necessary for economic independence is energy.

We teach local people to produce local energy and by doing so provide for significant, better paying employment not only in the production of that energy, but in the consumption of the energy to produce other products for local consumption and for export in return for cash.


Energy is our starting point and is developed through our biodiesel and solar projects.



Water is the key to life and agriculture and the foundation of all work that is done. We drill water wells and mine water from "dry" rivers to provide clean and safe drinking water to each community we work in. Each well drilled or river mined also provides support to our energy and agriculture projects.



Infrastructure is an important part of sustainability. Without adequate building materials there is no chance for hospitals, medical clinics, good housing and shops for jobs. We are developing a compressed earth block plant that makes lower cost, high quality building blocks.



Education is a top priority and is a large part of developing sustainablity. People need education to help them gain the understanding and skills that allow them to work in a productive manner that increases productivity and increases the wage they can earn. We support St. Mary's English School and SONAB the School of Nursing at Berega.



Healthcare is the pinnacle of our work.The sustainability projects are designed to make healthcare available and sustainable. Women are the primary directors of healthcare. They give birth to the children, they nuture and raise the children. Our focus is on women and children, and in the process the men are also cared for. The goal of the the sustainability projects is to sustain hospitals and satellite rural healthcare clinics. The clinics will provide access to clean water, health education, access to reproductive health education, access to safe birthing, access to vaccinations, contraception, breast feeding advice and encouragement, vitamins, medicine and surgery.