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Tanzania has a population of about 35 million. There are, shown above, 30 regions (mkoa) in Tanzania.(Not all shown on this map) Berega is located in the Morogoro region of Tanzania. The 'headquarters' of Morogoro region is Morogoro town. Morogoro region is 70,799 square km or 27,336 square miles (about the size of West Virginia, 1/2 the size of England.) It's population is about 1.8 million. Morogoro region is divided into 6 districts: Mvomero, Kilosa, Kilombero, Ulanga Magharibi, Ulanga Mashariki, and Morogoro. Berega is located in the Kilosa district of Morogoro Region. The population of the Kilosa district is about 500,000. Kilosa district is divided into 37 wards. Berega is a village in the ward of Berega. The hospital in Berega services some residents of the Kilosa, Tanga and Arusha regions that are nearby.


Tanzania Information


Tanzania (364,945 sq mi, 945,203 sq km) is approximately twice the size of California (163,696 sq mi, 423,970 sq km). It is approximately 7 times the size of England (50,346 sq mi, 130,395 sq km).


The official language is Kiswahili (Swahili refers to the people), which is universally spoken, in addition to various local languages, and is the medium of instruction in all primary schools. English is the second official language, the country’s commercial language and also the main teaching language for all scientific subjects in secondary schools and higher education institutions. Arabic is widely spoken in coastal areas, particularly Zanzibar. Actual implementations vary according to location. It is well known that English proficiency can lead to employment in better paying jobs.


The basic unit is the Tanzanian shilling. 1 USD = about 2000 TZ schillings. 1 GBP - about 3200 TZ schillings. Cash in TZS is easily obtained in major ctities by ATM withdrawal. A single withdrawal is usually limited to 400,000 TZS per withdrawal - mulitple withdrawals permitted to the daily withdrawal limit of your card. Tell your bank you are traveling or your card may not work. It is advisable to carry some American dollars ($100 bills with dates no earlier than 2000), but they may not be accepted in rural areas. Money changers also accept the major convertible currencies. Travellers cheques are exchangeable in some places at major banks. Major credit cards are accepted in the larger hotels but it is advisable to carry cash. Visitors can take in any amount of foreign currency and no currency declaration is required, but import and export of Tanzanian currency is illegal. Foreign currency in cash or travellers' checks may be exchanged at any branch of the commercial banks or through authorized dealers and at Bureaux de Change ("forex bureaux"), at the international airports, major towns, and border posts.

Customs and Duty Free

Personal effects, including binoculars, cameras and film, may be brought in free of duty. A custom's bond may be demanded from those bringing in video/filming equipment, radios, tape recorders and musical instruments to ensure the goods are re-exported. Firearms require a special permit. Duty free allowances are 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 gram of tobacco plus one litre of spirits, provided the traveller is over 16. Visitors buying local handcrafts must keep sales receipts for presentation to customs officials on departure.

Local Time

GMT +3. (US Eastern is GMT -5)

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