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Energy Needs

All of our projects have energy requirements. Modern medical care cannot be delivered without a source of energy, and that source must largely be in the form of electricity. Many of our projects are off the the electrical grid so self sufficiency in energy production is a necessity to the achievement of the mission goals of Hands4Africa. Energy is also needed for transportation. Supply transport and patient transport require energy.

Locally produced energy is needed and will be supplied by local means. Coal, hydro and nuclear plants are too capital intensive for an underdeveloped area. Wind, solar and biodiesel are less capital intensive and suited to our project needs. Wind is prevalent in some areas of Africa. In our current project areas wind is not a constant factor, but sunshine is relatively constant and can provide immediate energy through solar generation or delayed energy production from biodiesel.

Both solar and biodiesel work together to provide a workable solution. Solar energy can be produced by solar thermal and photovoltaic means. The energy is limited to daytime production, so storage is necessary. Batteries can provide temporary storage. However, there can be times when battery storage is insufficient. It is necessary to be able to produce electricity when the sun is not shining. Biodiesel can be used to power diesel generators to produce electricity in times when the sun cannot directly, or indirectly through batteries, provide it.

Transportation energy needs can currently best be met with biodiesel. Biodiesel can be used in trucks, cars, ATVs, motorcycles and even airplanes. Battery powered vehicles may, at some time in the future, be able to provide some transportation energy needs, but currently biodiesel can easily meet all our project energy needs.

One of our goals is to make the local people self sufficient. Local production of energy through solar and biodiesel makes self sufficiency possible. Not only is energy produced locally for local consumption, but energy is produced for 'export' and the result is a supply of cash that is used purchase other goods and services that are needed.

We are growing Jatropha trees to make biodiesel for local consumption and for export. We are planning to produce solar panels locally for local use and for export.