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Composting bins made of fired mud bricks

Thermophilic composting at 140 degrees F


Manure Collection

In conventional sanitation systems water is used as a transport medium to remove human waste products through piping to central treatment facilities. Such systems use large quantities of water and large amounts of capital for the construction of sewers and sewage treament systems.

In underdeveloped nations a better system is to use humanure toilets and transport human waste to compositing facilities.

To encourage rapid adoption of this system, we pay people to provide collected humanure. We have set up a system that provides a humanure toilet, plastic humanure receptacles and lids and humanure biocover to families. We pay families for full plastic receptacles, and pay locals to pick up the humanure receptacles from homes and pay locals residents to transport the humanure to composting facilities operated by other local residents. Jatropha plantations have large needs for fertilizer. We have implemented humanure sanitation systems in denser areas of the population, providing the necessary feedstocks for the composting fertilizer plants.

By using this system, we increase sanitation, reduce fecal borne disease transmission, provide money to local residents for human waste, and provide work for local residents for the collection and transportation of human waste. Recycled humanure provides fertilizer for biodiesel crop production. The sale of biodiesel finances these operations.