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Hands4Africa - About Us

Hands4Africa Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Tampa, Florida, USA. It has the goal of facilitating your help in providing medical, educational and financial aid to the people of Africa. Hands4Africa lets you offer a hand up to people who need your assistance.

The people of Africa need help from those who enjoy a higher standard of living. Rural Africans lead especially hard lives, lacking life's basics: clean water, adequate shelter, food and medical care. They need your help.

Hands4Africa has no religious or political affiliation. Hands4Africa is a direct response to a series (1,2,3) of articles that appeared in the New York Times in 2009. Those articles detailed the hardships of women of childbearing years in Tanzania. The article focused on Berega Hospital in Berega, Tanzania and the magnificent work done by the Anglican Diocese of Morogoro. So it is that Hands4Africa has, as its first project, development of a mechanism to help you give aid to Berega Hospital and the 300,000 people in its catchment area.

The needs of the hospital in Berega and the people in this area are great. We have a huge task in helping the people with medical care and education, and an even larger task in helping the people to help themselves. You are essential to this task.

The founders' vision for this first project is to not only help you provide education and health care assistance to the people of the Berega area, but to also help you provide workforce jobs to the people so that they can better their lives, increase their incomes and provide water, food, shelter and health care for themselves. People with their own income can educate their own children and improve the future. Hands4Africa is a vehicle for you to help the people help themselves.

Rural Tanzania is poor. USAID quotes a World Bank report that the average income of a Tanzanian worker is less than USD 280 per year. The best way for you to help the people is to teach them improved business skills, whether that skill is in agriculture, manufacturing, energy production, services or trade.

Hands4Africa is committed to improving the lives of mothers, children and families through sustainable solutions to reduce poverty, provide education, and improve healthcare.

You can start with us in Berega, Tanzania, working together with the Anglican Diocese of Morogoro, the village of Berega, the Government of Tanzania, and the people of Tanzania.

Help now. Donate or Volunteer today.

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