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We have need for all types of volunteer services. There are two types of volunteers needed:

1. At home volunteers

Much of what needs to be done to help the people in Africa can be done from home.

2. Travel Volunteers

We recommend you travel if you can stay at least 4 weeks, but 2 week stints can be helpful especially if you have special skills. You can stay as long as you like. Long term volunteers can accomplish a lot. For long term volunteers (6 months or more) we offer travel subsidies and accommodation. Contact us for more information.

Types of home or travel volunteers needed:

If your skill is not listed here, don't worry. We still need you!


Hydrologic, civil, electrical, mechanical, electrical, solar, structural, process

Construction Superintendents

To help with project planning and construction

Procurement personnel

We need everything in Berega. Anyone who can coordinate projects to obtain material can be useful for this project. See the material needs pages for details of what can be useful in Berega.

Fund Raisers

We need help rasing funds for particular projects, raising funds to help sponsor travel volunteers and raising funds for special items of need. The opportunities are endless.



We need cooks, specially those familiar with infrared cooking (Nuwave or similar,) but anyone who understands cooking hygiene and good food preparations can help immensely. We need people who can help organize cooking in the Hands4Africa hotel and those who can help organize cooking seminars to help locals prepare clean, nutritious food. Cooks who can help locals start bakeries, restaurants and other food service cottage industries are also needed.

Travel Agents




RN, LPN nurses are needed. Work can include assessing needs, workflow, and teaching the nursing aides and few RNs how to actually do their jobs. The nurses in Berega lack even the most fundamental understanding of true nursing.


Professional teachers, or just those willing to sit and speak English while playing with a child are needed. Learning English is the the skill most likely to lead a child to long term success in Tanzania.



Water Well Drillers

Diesel Mechanics

Quilters, Knitters, Sewers

Give us your ideas on how else you could help