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Medevac Insurance

• Get International Medevac insurance if it is not included in your medical plan. While you are in Tanzania we will have only simple ways to transport ill people to higher levels of care. We can do what we can while at the local hospital, but remember services are very basic. If you need anything at a significant level of care, it is likely not even available in Dar Es Salaam or Dodoma. You will need to get to Dubai, Germany, the UK, Canada or the USA to get good surgical care. The price is absolutely worth it, no matter how short your stay. Consider these providers:

Medjet Assist


• You may should also consider local medevac insurance through Knight Support in Dar Es Salaam. This would provide transport form our Hospital to Dar es Salaam in case jets wouldn't want to land on our grass runway. The cost is reasonable and coverage is great. $20 to $35 for 14 or thirty days for tourist, $50 to $75 with hunting, advanced age and extreme sport coverage.