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Insects and Ticks

Insects and ticks carry diseases. You do not want to be bitten. Malaria is a signficant problem. Follow these rules carefully:

1. Wear long sleeves, long pants, hats and shoes or, preferably, boots. Do not wear sandals. Long boots keep mosquitos off your ankles.
2. Tuck your pants in your boots. Boots reduce snake bite success too.
3. Apply 25 - 50% DEET (stronger percentages don't work better, they last longer) to exposed skin and permethrin repellent to clothing at twilight or when in the bush.
4. Apply permethrin compounds to beds, clothing, bed-nets and shoes.
5. Don't sleep with windows open unless there is an intact screen.
6. Sleep with a bed-net. A mosquito and gnat proof tent on your bed is better.
7. Bed-net mesh size should be 1.5 mm or smaller, 0.6 mm is best to keep out no-see-ums.
8. Perform a daily tick check, naked, with a mirror and preferably the help of a friend.

A good permethrin clothing insect repellent is:

Sawyer Premium Clothing Insect Repellent