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Travel by bus, rail, car and air

When you are working with Hands4Africa we will pick you up at your hotel in Dar or directly from the airport and transport you in a vehicle directly to Berega: it is safe secure and simple. No worries.

If you wish to see the sights of Tanzania we recommend you make arrangements to travel with one of our trusted Tanzanian workers. It is cheap and increases your safety significantly.

Bus Travel

You can travel almost anywhere in Tanzania by bus. It is often time consuming, crowded and sometimes unreliable. If you are traveling by bus, it is preferable to have a native Tanzanian with you.

Rail Travel

The railroads are primitive, unreliable and recently not working at all. Safety is a bit of a concern.

Car Travel

Car rentals are available in Dar es Salaam at the Serena hotel and across from it. Unless you are a seasoned traveller in Tanzania we recommend you do not drive yourself. We can arrange a safe, reliable, known driver for you if you wish to travel in Tanzania. It is a big advantage to have a native with you when traveling.

A good source of information for personal travel in Tanzania may be found at:

Made In Tanzania Safaris